Pack 357 is a chartered with the Boy Scouts of America through Jones Valley Elementary School in Huntsville, AL.

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Just because schools out doesn't mean Scouts is over. We've got some great activities in the works to help you earn some cool awards and have fun doing it! Watch for the dates and times of the events here, in pack email announcements and on our Facebook page!

Details will be out soon!

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What's the Best About Our Pack?

We have fun!  Our pack is very active throughout the year with numerous hiking, camping, and fishing trips.  Our Scouts come from several Elementary schools in Huntsville, AL - Jones Valley, Whitesburg, and Randolph - as well as all over Huntsville, including Homeschoolers.  Our pack meetings are held at Jones Valley Elementary usually the 2nd Thursday of each month.

To view our calendar of all our den and pack activities, click here!

Event Calendar (2014/2015)