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The Pack Earns the National Summertime Award

posted Sep 21, 2010, 10:21 AM by Kathie Rooker
In order to receive the National Summertime Award, a Pack needs to participate in at least three activities during the summer.
 In June, the pack gathered for a short hike learning about some local history.  The boys picked buckets of blackberries and toured a Native American farmhouse on Redstone Arsenal.  See photos here.
In July, the boys participated in a five mile hike at Camp Comer in Mentone, AL.  Several new Tiger cubs joined some seasoned cubs for an adventure along the trail. 
Bobcat, racoon, and deer tracks were spotted along with a black racer snake!  Several caves and an old girl's school house were also explored along the way.  The six scouts earned the Thunderbird Patch for enduring the long hike.  Check out the tired scouts here.

The third event, in August, was a fishing trip to Lake Wilson.  The boys spent a morning baiting hooks, casting lines, and reeling in lots of fish.  Check out the fishing photos here