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Pack 357 Registration

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Feeling ready to dive into Cub Scouts?

Annual Dues are $75 National + $113 Local

Returning Scouts start with Step 2:

STEP 1:  NATIONAL BSA REGISTRATION - (New Scouts Only)  Click here for the Boy Scouts of America National Youth Application.  There is a one-time $25 charge for new Scouts plus the remaining national fees prorated for 2022-23.

STEP 2 - PACK 357 ANNUAL REGISTRATION - Click here to complete local annual Pack 357 registration form.

STEP 3 - PAY YOUR SCOUT'S DUES  - Click here to go to our online store and choose the dues package

STEP 4 - SIGN UP for the Pack 357 Monthly Newsletter

$113 local dues includes all awards and achievements earned, a Raingutter Regatta boat kit, Pinewood Derby Car Kit, and all meeting materials.

Class A Uniforms are purchased at the Huntsville Scout Shop located on Drake Avenue.

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK - Click here to go to the Pack 357 Facebook page.

TRANSFERRING from another pack?   Go to and search for Pack 7357 in zip code 35803.  Click apply now and choose that you have been a scout in the past.   It will look up your file and you can submit an application from there.

Class A Uniforms are purchased at the Scout Shop in Huntsville. Larry and his staff will help you find and purchase all the uniform items you will need.


Thank you! 
We look forward to meeting you!

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