Frequently asked questions

Who is in Pack 357?

Pack 357 consists of Scouts from various elementary schools in Huntsville. Most come from Jones Valley, Whitesburg, Whitesburg Academy, and Randolph elementary schools. We also have Scouts from Chaffey, Grace Lutheran, Blossomwood, AAA, ASFL and Veritas Classical among others.

What is the difference between a Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos?

The pack is subdivided by grades into ranks as follows: Lion - Kindergarten Tiger - 1st Grade Wolf - 2nd Grade Bear - 3rd Grade Webelos I - 4th Grade Webelos II - 5th Grade

What is a den and how are the dens determined?

Each rank (grade) is subdivided into dens. The dens typically have 6 - 10 Scouts each. The dens are determined at the beginning of the school year by the Cubmaster. While requests to be with friends are accepted, they cannot be guaranteed.

What are the uniform requirements for Pack 357?

Our pack requires that each Scout have an official Scout shirt, neckerchief, and slide (for the neckerchief). Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cubs wear a navy blue shirt. Webelos wear a khaki shirt. Each rank wears a different color neckerchief. Cubs frequently also wear official Scout hats, belts, pants, and socks. Click here for more information about Cub Scout uniforms or Webelos uniforms.

Where do I buy the Scout uniform?

There is a comprehensive Scout Shop on Drake Ave here in Huntsville. The store carries uniforms, camping supplies, patches, pinewood derby supplies, and much more. The address is: 2211 Drake Ave. Visit the Scout Shop website for store hours and more information about the items they carry. The employees are very helpful in finding the correct uniform pieces and patches for your Scout.

Where do all the patches go on my son's uniform?

Many times the Scout Shop will provide information about where to sew or glue the patches onto the uniform. There are also some online resources to help get the patches in the right places.

How do I keep from losing my son's neckerchief slide? He's already lost two!

The secret Scout trick is to put a rubber band around the neckerchief just below the slide. This will keep it from slipping off easily.

What is the Bobcat Rank/Badge?

The first rank that each new Cub Scout must earn is the Bobcat rank regardless of when a boy starts Scouts. The requirements are in each of the rank handbooks or can be found here. Once earned, the Scout will receive a Bobcat patch to sew on his uniform.

What is an "Adult Partner" and can it be a woman?

Adult partners are parents, aunts, uncles, or even a neighbor. They are required for all Tiger Cubs. The boy and his adult partner join Tiger Cubs together. They do all the family, den, and Go See It activities together. The adult partner is responsible for seeing that the boy is successful with his advancement in Tiger Cubs. Women are welcome to be adult partners.

Can other members of the Scout's family attend Scout events and activities?

Yes, in general, the pack welcomes family members to attend all pack events. There are times when siblings and extra adults may be a distraction to the den or pack and the accomplishments that need to be achieved. Information will be sent regarding attendee limitations when necessary.

How does my son receive the belt loops and pins he has earned?

Each Scout has an account in the online achievement tracking program called Scoutbook. You or your den leader enters the Scout's achievements in Scoutbook. Once entered, one of the pack coordinators will ensure that your Cub receives belt loops and/or pins earned at one of the upcoming pack meetings. Each den leader handles updating achievements differently. Ask your den leader for more information.

How many meetings will my Scout have a month?

Typically, each den will meet two or three times a month. There is also one pack meeting a month. There may be other activities to fulfill rank requirements. Our pack understands that boys are involved in many activities other than Scouts. We try to be accommodating as possible when it comes to sports and other activities schedules.

How will I know my Scout is Safe?

The Boy Scouts of America has strict rules requiring youth protection. All leaders have completed Youth Protection Training. There is a two-deep leadership rule that requires that two registered, background checked leaders be present at all scout activities. To earn each rank, scouts must complete a discussion with their parents regarding Youth Safety. We cannot stress enough that keeping your son safe is our first priority.